Ecstasy Series Part III


Darkness gripped the room, as the rain beat down our roof and bursts of cold filled the room. Over and over I glided silently as I lay next to her. The whistling of the wind created the perfect ambiance for me to grip her close to my chest. We tugged and circled in between the sheets as the night’s cold slowly gave way, to the warmest of nights. We thrived on the cold as we touched our bodies.

I stripped her t-shirt and undies in a smooth motion as I planted kisses down her tummy. She held me so tight as I reached out to adjust her bra. I hung her silk panties on the bed post and turned to kiss her soft and thinner lips. The way she reacted to my touches was so striking and filled my belly with a fire. A fire that I had never felt in a while. We filled the room with the sounds of kisses. She moved her body all over me as she moaned with every stroke of my hand down her already wet flower.

Our bodies moved in a sweetened and perfected motion as we breathed heavily. The scent from her black cropped hair felt heavenly, as I licked her earlobes. With her in her birthday suit, I circled kisses from her forehead down to her naval as her body erupted into ‘flames’ I strode quickly to her legs, lifted them apart as I sucked her toes. It was smooth all through like butter. The sound of her weak, and sultry voice filled the room with loud moans. I lay my muscled and heavy body on her and for a minute she she breathless.

I snapped into position as I held her so tight with my large arms. We ‘wrote’ all types of scripts within our brief stops. I trailed my hands up and down her already lifeless body, then up again as she requested me to ‘get in.’ I stopped for a while to feel the flare from her nostrils next to my left ear. I felt her hands fold down my briefs while I slid my fingers around her wet and soft ‘flower petals.’ I had her full attention for I had owned her beautiful crown. She lifted her body toward me, brushing her erect nipples against my firm chest. The intensity within that moment was enough to get her creamed all over me.

I fondled her breasts as I let her fondle my balls. My eyes shot wide open as I felt a thrill run down my spine. I suddenly lay down on my back as she wet the tip of my shaft with her saliva. She held my erect shaft and drove it down her throat. That was the best feeling I had ever experienced in my entire hopeless romantic encounters. She stroked her tongue along the side of my manhood and teased me with a bite on its tip. I continued to harden inside her mouth and all I wanted was to explode inside it. I held her hair and pulled it gently as I dug my fingers into her scalp. My heart beat hard against my chest, I struggled to breathe. I quickly flipped her down on her back and dove straight into her ‘juiced jewel’ and pushed my tongue into it. I nipped her teasingly as she aggressively held my back.

She gasped and dug her fingers into my scalp and sprouted out ‘I want you inside me.’ I held her by her waist and reached to set the tip of my shaft between her legs. We held still for a moment, and let out heavy sighs one after the other. We rattled the bed as we made turns kissing all over each other. I kept blowing out deep breath. Her grip on me hardened and I kept sliding my fingers next to her clit. I caressed her gently as she moved her waist like a python. She grew restless and all she wanted was me hitting her walls.


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