The Inevitable Ecstasy Series Part 2


Outside the storm raged as I pondered on how to catch a shut eye. The night was brutal and I couldn’t focus my mind on sleep. I was so restless and kept turning around in my cold beddings. The memories of her standing infront of me with her nice floral dress and her red lipstick kept flashbacking in my head. She had stood there staring at the sunshine as its reflection kissed her soft cheeks. Her body hugged her dress so decently and only her heart would revel with the excitement she stood with. These memories brought me life.

I was startled and consumed with my night’s beautiful dreams. I felt her soft and special kisses as I tripped myself to my knees. For once there was no stronger response than the softness her lips felt on mine. We kissed as I watched with one eye open and held her in all the right places. For she was my personal shop, the one that always stayed open for me. She satisfied my restless wants and wishes. We went beyond the reach of our thoughts and arms. To a life that was so aligned and we no longer had to reach out for anything, because we were everything we needed. Every moan sounded like a song that was a softer still.

My mind told secrets that loathed me like a chilled foamed sip of beer. The tugging in my gut compelled me to free myself to her. Her true obsession had stripped me bear. My longing of her was enchanting and my heart was whipped. With our faces in the dark dwelling in magic, we whispered breathy silly little things to the joy of the night. Our night’s bliss was painted with shades that were beautifully made. There was so much and powerful engulfing that our strengths were blown away to tranquillity. We lazied like the clouds into the night’s brightest expanses. Holding onto my energizer bunny, letting go of everything else. I was in heaven with my luscious love.

We held each towards the the Sun’s wake up call. Surrounded by the morning’s sweet wind and the sound of purring birds. She lay on my chest, her head and hair romantically journeying on my chest hairs. I had my hands holding her round butt with a grip, I was a man in love and cared less of my hands’ doings. All seemed so true as I smiled like a baby that had had its morning breast milk. Only for the piercing morning cold to wake me up to reality, I was a sad man dealt a blow by my own imagination.


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