The Inevitable Ecstasy


The night was calm, filled with bubbles like a champagne toast. With soft and calculated whispers. As I put my head down to sleep.

Moments later, I felt her movements quietly rushing over me. Her arms around me, holding me up like a proud child. As her soft lips nuzzled over my shoulders. I closed my eyes and savored the taste of her lips. Which were laced with honey that stuck with sweetness. I felt her fall softly on her back, like a petal from a flower.

I enchanted her, engorged her and engulfed her, softly into a sensuous world of total freedom. We were in love’s launchpad, soaring up. We told little nightly secrets to the softness of the night. The softness that illuminated our bodies with life’s touch. Her body conformed me into shape and left me floating.

I saw her as my sun, water and reason to bloom. For I was on a cross between powerful and vulnerable. Hunted and captured by a dream in color. Taken away by her imagination that weighed me down strongly. I held onto my night’s beautiful dream with her strong presence. I restlessly wanted and wished for. In my mind her thighs were gently across mine, her belly snug against my butt and her breasts on my back.

We were interwoven in our hearts and minds. And brought out a joy that was infinite. I had found my shelter and not even a blizzard would keep me away. We collaborated in the music of her moans, and kissed in places that left her mouth free to thank me. Only to wake up to my usual morning alarm snooze.


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