Letter To The President


Mr President,

I am an ardent supporter of yours and a son to a devoted civil servant. So devoted that she’s a slave to her hard work. Last year was quite an experience and mind blowing.

My mother’s water tap had been faulty for a couple of months and she kept requesting I fix it. My response whenever she made the request was “I will fix it.” This went on for months. I returned home one day and found her armed with a pair of pliers hustling to get it fixed. As a son I was so embarrassed. For I had failed in my obligations to her as a son. I felt my past replies to her indirectly implied “You’re on your own.” I was so mad at myself and didn’t rest til I had the tap fixed.

You maybe asking yourself why I am sharing my experience with you. Figuratively speaking you’re the tap. The tap that has been supplying Ugandans with water since 26th January, 1986. Ugandans and the world over witnessed how you took over power from our tormentors with zeal. We entrusted you with our highest instruments of power.

30 years later, of your leadership and Uganda’s taps are faulty like my mother’s. Ugandans have for a couple of years cried and requested for their taps to be fixed. Unfortunately all we have seen is a quick fix, and years later the taps have developed more faults. And it’s now clear we have ourselves to blame. The message is sound and clear “We Are Alone”

I know your argument will be, these taps need extra help in their diagnosis and each of us need to lend a hand to help. To a greater extent I agree but remember you were entrusted with instruments of power. You can imagine how we constantly have to ask for our taps to be fixed. We are helpless and seem to follow a lost cause. The other day I was browsing the internet and came across a story of how the Karamojong are dying of hunger. It’s disheartening that our trust in you is suddenly withering away.

Mr President how does it feel to watch your own die of hunger? Billions of cash misused by the people we trust to give us water, the collape in public structures, millions of youth hopeless and jobless, a high level of human rights abuse to mention but a few. I can go on for 30 years plus.

Because of lack of leadership, billions are being misused, and our country is being constantly raped by a notorious gang of a few individuals. Who have taken advantage of the power we have trusted you with. Regional and district development is pathetic and embroiled in politicking. All these are slowly hampering our “steady progress.” With time we will creep to a halt and nothing more will make sense.

Mr President it’s high time you acted with a vicious hand. Stood firm and fought the devil that is corruption. Restored order to our security forces, respected the plea of Ugandans, restored functioning public structures, tackled the high level of unemployment, restored hope in our health systems, trimmed the colossally fat cabinet, levelled the ground for opposition’s play in our politics, addressed the continued abuse of human rights and above all called for the total respect of the constitution.

The will to better Uganda lies in your hands. I will let you digest this letter as I continue praying for you. And will continue to believe that the little hope that’s left will live on. Your commitment, capability, and will to transform Uganda as quick as possible will be a fresh supply of water to our taps.
Do fix our faults.


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