The Rhythm Of Life Series Part 2


I battled my mind today, and after doing so l sat down and had a cup of tea. The day was a thrill, more of a rollercoaster ride. The reel my mind went through, facilitated some deep thinking. I slurped the last sip of my tea. And quietly sat down to ponder, on life’s struggles. The struggles that have seen many unanimously surrender. The struggles that have seen others rejoice and others left destitute.

I sat uncomfortably for a minute, and asked myself why I oftenly have to worry. The assumption seemed deceptive but it was reality. Many a time we race through different lanes in life and are trapped in lives full of secrets. And become fugitives of our own minds and seek to find solace but in vain. We blame ourselves for what we are going through. Torn apart between the world and the people who look out for us.

Solace tends to be indubitably questionable in disguise. We ask ourselves what can we do to ignite a safe chapter but forces of nature take us to a state of quagmire.
Eventually we feel rejected, dejected and defeated. Lost alone in the world of our own. Let’s face it we think this is the best we could have for ourselves. Not appreciating the small moments that make life worth living. So screwed up and never feel safe in our own bodies.

We are only humans fighting the greatest of battles. Battles with ourselves. Slowly turning into monsters in our heads. Feeling exposed to countless traumas. But on a rather objective note, when we peel our lives backwards, and convince ourselves that we deserve more. We realize that self love is the first step to freeing us of the all these doubts and battles.

Quiet frankly when we piece together all this anger and confrontations. No matter of what we think of ourselves. How we manage to move on from this determines our strength. Being an enigma eats the mind and heart. And it’s also true that staying broken from the inside is the greatest form of unsettling. Settling and re focusing the mind is the greatest doing you will reward your heart with.

We are the architects of our dreams and it’s our responsibility to build strong foundations for our lives. One brick at a time. The situations we face on a daily are a stepping stone towards firm foundations, that only we can build and freely rest and enjoy the pleasures of this life.


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