The Rhythm Of Life Series Part 1


I have had a better part of this week to myself, to reflect on my thoughts about life. I got myself questioning my life’s purpose, umpteen times. I was so overwhelmed and nothing seemed to make sense. And I thought to myself there’s nothing wrong with being honest, it’s always great to speak up.

For a greater part of it, I had a tanned mind. This was just another of those life’s affable moments. I dug deeper into my thoughts, for a search of clarity. My mind was at war, with signs of defeat and victory. What’s life if it’s not guaranteed? Sprung constantly in my mind. I told myself there’s nothing constant in life except for change. For we will always face many battles and defeats in life, but it’s up to us to never let ourselves be defeated.

I got really lost for a minute, I didn’t know if I’d ever come back to normality. To me, it was a great path taken. For I learnt how strong I am, with an empowered perspective on life. Working against my mind’s resistance and struggles made me realize how there’s more to life. Life is laced with it hidden gems. You need awakening to actually appreciate its essence. Being supportive of yourself, is like gasoline that flickers you to light up the fire within you. You owe yourself that ticking bit.

There’s always that presumption, of comfort we put across. A confident one at that. To be fully comfortable is a myth as far as I know. We are never at ease if we don’t question our true worth. We live for now and forget to fully appreciate it.


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