My First Encounter With Bond 7


The first and last time I threw up after drinking liquor was during my first college internship. A colleague at work had bought me Bond 7, two bottles of it and a couple of beers. I had found it strong, stronger than my regular bottle of vodka.

A ‘muzinga’ of it, which my colleague was passing around, was half way. In fact the moment I got a hold of it my eyes were already playing games with me. I had had a couple of sips that instantly got my head spinning. Feeling momentarily unstable, I had lost scene of where I was. The vibe around me together with the company had created an imagination of total bliss.

With every sip my focus and balance were slowly drifting away. After my first bottle the adrenaline rush in me was fascinating. This special bottle of liquor had already exposed my true weakness. At this instant I needed to gain my composure and find the nearest washroom.

I was sweating heavily and horribly easy to empathize with. For the poison I had consumed was already taking its toll on me. The new guy, Bond 7 had established its perimeters within me. I felt so bad and nearly thought I would vomit my intestines out. I recollected myself and quickly dashed to the washrooms. I reached for the sink and vomited all the liquor and food I had partaken that day. The last memory I fondly remember of that night, was resting my head on one of my female colleagues’ thighs, I had got knocked out.

I woke up the next morning with a bitter taste in my mouth and a piercing headache. The hangover I had was unbearable and it was the strongest I had ever had in my entire drinking endeavours. I found my way to the bathroom for a warm bath, which was exhilarating. I felt fresh after and the terrible hangover had slightly reduced.

I got dressed up and headed to the living room for a cup of coffee and a snack. Minutes later there was a knock on my door. My host stood there with a brown paperbag, I welcomed him in and we exchanged pleasantries. He brought out the contents contained in the paperbag, to my surprise another bottle of Bond 7 glanced at me. I will save that day’s encounter for another day.


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