“My Yellow, Yellow”

Pale and provocative at first with a spiked touch of glow
Like a glow worm, she lights the darkest shades of my being
The innocence her eyes strike, peels open my life like a new day
She rattles and roars my heart’s desires to full focus
Resting my tokens of fate at her feet
My Yellow, Yellow

She’s my orchard that blossoms with fruit,
fruit that satisfies my soul
Her masterful smile draws a cheer to my bitter sweet face
She’s fire, frosted star light and cold
Like a bird she takes my life to flight
The swan that rafters my hopelessness with a spin in my heart
My Yellow, Yellow

She’s a curse that keeps me in love’s bondage, for her bondage is life
The gentle Sun that flourishes my mornings with her royal arrays
Her kisses answer my prayers with her lips
She prunes my life’s wild bushes with her sweet small laughters
The sweetest of poisons that I gladly drink
The hot Sun that draws sweat from my body And stings my blood with her cold little hands
My Yellow, Yellow

Her full body with legs to die for,
Throw my mind into the wilderness and confusion
Gulping my soul to love’s open hole
Her fruity folky voice always has me dancing at the edge of a razor blade
The loveliest of flowers with a scent to tout me into her submission
My Yellow, Yellow


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