Let’s Better Our Mother Land


What’s done is done, allow me take your minds away from the just concluded presidential and parliamentary elections to a journey of 5 years that are entirely under our control as the citizenry. Uganda is a highly popularized country crying, bleeding and broken for it has has been held hostage by its own citizenry and leaders. For long we have let our leaders determine our decision making with no solution to our discontent. Imagine if we collectively fought and eliminated these obstacles with the same Twitter hashtags or Facebook posts we put to work during the election period, regardless of the prevailing forms of dictatorial tendencies , be it parliament, class or political parties which often falsely call themselves democracies. The time for us to shape the future of Uganda is now, time to move past all the negatives and demand for our worth as Ugandans with our affiliations aside.

We as a society need to redirect the course of our journey and demand for what we truely deserve rather than what’s shoved down our throats, it’s us who should be supervising ourselves and pointing out deviations, let no individual or group of people gain total supervision of us as a society. We should seek to directly secure good governance and service delivery by ourselves and jealously guard our laws. Violence and effecting change by force are not our solution even though they take place as a reaction against a not so people government. A society that revolves around this thought is backward.

The solution to our problems lies within us being ourselves whose authority should be channelled in eliminating the total control of government administration in our affairs and instead involve ourselves in every decision making right from the village level to the district level. We should intensify the demand for better service delivery, it’s our right to demand for our basic human needs without intimidation and political blackmail. The same spirit we exhibited during the election period should be the same spirit we ought to apply in demanding for what’s deserved of us as the citizenry, leaders are meant to be answerable to us. Our freedom as a country is abused when we let a few control our human needs for this is enslavement of the majority by a few, our needs shouldn’t be an intrinsic problem. Total control of our needs should not be a door for conflict but rather satisfaction of the majority.

We as Ugandans are an enlarged family united by our various diversities that have bridged us together for a common ground to co exist. Let the need to see our bond as a nation surpass the selfish acts of a few journey with us to better the trides we have set out to accomplish. Our attitudes should be at the forefront when it comes to owning our great nation and calling for its revival. Where things are not clearly outlined and executed according to plan, let’s not only lament but also strongly demand for quick execution. It’s time we moved past the age of waiting for things to be done for us, it’s time to force our leaders to put all that fancy paperwork to action and come before us detailing the accountability for every penny taken from our national coffers. Let’s task every leader in their capacity to account for their leadership in all totality before they seek our audience.

The growth of Uganda should be something we look forward to contribute to with pride, healthily and freely. Despite the circumstances surrounding our enslavement now, we mentally need to shape our perceptions and necessitate the establishment of functioning structures.



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