My Baby Is Gone…


My baby is gone, she vanished with the wind and my heart is back to its cold summer. I can’t believe she’s made her way past my heart’s guards. I can’t imagine we wouldn’t light up love’s bridges anymore.
She was my morning dew, and now I am stuck with an ugly heart. She’s gone with life’s most glorious moments and my heart can’t understand why she’s gone.
Now my heart is filled with lots of unshed tears and every corner of my heart is slowly drifting apart. I am suddenly alone and now I know why her going means so much to me.
The love in the air is no more and I can’t hold back the sorrow that was once filled with a blossoming of her laughter and small talk.
How can I go past the love that was once a diagnosis of my life now that she’s gone. Our love was so young and was filled with so much promise.
My heart is back to sleep, shackled up in its darkest bounds. I am back to wandering in my love’s exile and furthering from cupid’s arrows.
Now I hum songs of love in my head with my lonesome self, I am back to where I once dared not to be anymore. I can’t quite figure out how I came back here. My treasure chest has been broken into and everything in it vandalized.
The pain in my heart is drizzling like the rain and slowly eroding my heart’s threads to vanity. I am hopelessly growing into a dead beat romantic.
For a moment she was all I ever desired, she was my favourite super hero now she’s gone. I am slowly growing my heart into steel.
The fire in my stomach is no more, I can’t appease the beast in my belly anymore that once gave me butterflies.
She’s gone with the wind just like the way she came. She has drenched holes in me that are slitting with her departure.
My life with her was music that I sang beautifully with her coaching. Now that she’s gone, the sound track to my life is filled with door bell sounds.



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