Intimacy With Failure


When you kiss failure several times, you realize how bad your kisses taste,
With so much frustration you start to fuzz how much of intimacy you got ,
You can’t count on the lipstick to absorb the intensity that comes with every lip bite,
The thought of being unpleasant to your lover is similar to bad breath,
Every attempt at being romantic is a broken promise,
Nights together become a battle ground to impress egoes,
With every night’s romp comes a little more outrage,
No sense of satisfaction, because we stick to the same position day in day out,
Mirroring our bodies like a batch of wasted drunks,
Trenched in a deep smell of alcohol and sweat,
Surrounded by broken condoms with no sense of actuality,
You can’t count the numerous hard ons anymore,
All you know is vividness of dreams of being a romantic,
Who’s flaws are hidden deep down your not so stable ego,
The fight to get recognition gets skin deep,
With every deep cut into the skin, comes a thought of bleach and the argue to badly make a point,
The mind sickens with every bit of slowness to your so not pleasant attempts at getting better,
Not even the orals will bring her to her orgasms,
Her inner self is not moved by the numerous hand work, thrusts and lip work,
The heart’s guards slowly back down with bruised red faces,
With no face of motivation the heart quickly breaks down,
Lost in transition to knowing how best you got pleasure her,
Because everything seems forced with no satisfaction for both,
Dreams broken, many tears cried,
And it slowly ticks in that the whole affair was a baseless fight for recognition,
The mind broken, every bone in the body fractured,
Gone with the false intimacy, the soul blown up into pieces not even the sweetest of smiles can treat.



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